WOW is the leading talent agency in the Middle East and is now opening in Asia. We work with hundreds of local artists and represent the most impressive international acts that you have most likely seen on TV.

Our team of project managers have dealt with thousands of bookings since our inception, from large scale events (100+ performers) to more intimate gatherings.

We only work with highly professional artists and are very passionate about our acts!

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Trending Artists

  • ENRA

    A mix of video mapping and live performance with 5 performers

  • Julien Gritte

    This designer organist can perform roaming or on stage creating a giant origami model

  • Daiana Zemskova

    An exciting and

  • DRG Bone

    A different and exciting performance, from one of the finest local talents.

  • Namiko Sakai Hibikiya

    A traditional Japanese troupe which performs Taiko and various mask dances including Shishimai/Japanese lion dance, Okame, Hyotokko, Berodashi, Owarai, Ichimonji, Kitsune, Miko

  • Basma Atta

    Something new for your next event. This artist specialised in the ancient art of Silhouette can cut the profiles of guests using special paper. This leaves a memorable and original gifts for people attending the event.

  • Simon-James / Seraina

    A melding of circus artists and musicians. Trampoline, acrobatics and juggling are all composed with live music in a fun and energetic performance which is all about working together, becoming a team and taking the leap towards a shared goal.

  • Donna Daniels

    One of the most demanded Emcee in Asia, now based in SIngapore!

  • This MC can spice up your event by performing magic and illusions throughout the event.

  • Miguel Polania

    If you’re looking for an act that is different, highly visual and of the most professional quality - look no further than this duo.

  • Sewak

    Our shows include lead-in with traditional drums, dance performance and stunts!

  • Joel Sebastian

    A Dandypunk exists to inspire and motivate creativity, non-conformity, whimsy, intense curiosity, do-it-yourself mentality and everyday eccentricity in everybody...

  • Alex Tan

    The first Magical Mask Changer or Bian Lian Master in Singapore. This act is guaranteed to bring forth gasps of amazement from your audience.

  • Djordje Lazovic

    Anamorphic floor paintings that, from a certain angle, gives the illusion plasticity.

  • Simon Pierro

    Our artist performs a blend of digital magic and illusion with his new act utilising multiple iPads in roaming or on stage